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Slow Turning


Slow Turning: John Hiatt Fanzine is the work of Sylvan in the USA.  Each issue contains information printed in various other sources, but compiled into a convenient package for fans to enjoy. "Unique" content in each fanzine is the crossword puzzles on the back page.  Download the fanzine below as a PDF and enjoy.

  • issue 1
    Produced February 1996. 
    Contains:  Information about Walk On, Little Village, and transcribed "monologues" from various live recordings that reveal John's insights into several songs.
  • issue 2
    Produced Fall 1996. 
    Contains: Complete (as of then) discography with track listing and info on each of Hiatt's official releases, quotes from John about the history of his career, and the results of the "Walk On" writing contest from Broken Spoke.  Plus (inserted after publication by Sylvan's mom) photos of John, Castle Recording Studio, the fanzine creator and her mom.  (blush)
  • issue 3
    Produced Summer 1998.
    Contains: Information about Little Head, John's notes on songwriting and some particular songs, fans stories of the first time they heard John's music, and "After All This Time" page featuring Epic Record's promotional material for John's first album: Hanging Around the Observatory.
  • issue 4
    Produced Spring 1999.
    Contains: Lots of Hiatt quotes on the songwriting process, the latest rave reviews from music critics, a fan parody of "Tennessee Plates" and a look back at the promotion of All of a Sudden.
  • issue 5
    Produced September 2000. 
    Contains: Hiatt quotes on the album Crossing Muddy Waters and older songs, lyrics to three emotionally powerful Hiatt songs, transcribed interviews from TV show Sessions at West 54, and a look back at Riding with the King.
  • issue 6
    Produced Spring 2002.
    Contains: Information on The Tiki Bar is Open, college essay on John, the latest rave reviews, the promotional materials from Bring the Family, and the lyrics to "New York Had Her Heart Broke" (then unreleased).
  • issue 7
    Produced May 2003.
    Contains: Information on Beneath This Gruff Exterior, the "inside story" behind the fanzine, and a transcribed interview from the era of Warming Up to the Ice Age.
  • issue 8
    Produced June 2005.
    Contains: a retrospective look at the many ways the music press has tried to define John and his music, information on Master of Disaster, the tools John uses to write songs, and quotes from John on each of his albums produced to date.
  • Issue 9
    Produced August 2008.
    Contains: Information on Same Old Man, descriptions of what Hiatt videos you can find on U-Tube, and a potpourri of quotes from John on various subjects.
  • Issue 10
    Produced September 2010.
    Contains: Information on The Open Road, the latest rave reviews, and lots of quotes from John on songwriting, his long career, and how he gets along with his peers in the music industry.
  • issue 11
    Produced August 2011.
    Contains: Information on Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns, the latest rave reviews, John's comments on the John Hiatt model J45 Gibson and other guitars, and some of Hiatt's thoughts on "the nagging dark."
  • issue 12
    Produced October 2012.
    Contains: John's thoughts and critics raves for Mystic Pinball, retrospective quotes on John's "genre," and more on how he writes his songs.

  • issue 13
    Produced October 2018.
    Contains: Total Eclipse, Lilly Hiatt, Crossword and more....

  • issue 14
    Produced July 2021.
    Contains: Leftover Feelings, Crossword and more....



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