washable ink


Little girl playin' with the moonlight

Shine it on me, shine it on me

There's a cloud over my light and its troubling me, troubling me

Such a world, such an invitation

Come as you are, come as you are

Subject to change, but we'll try not to leave any scars



Washable ink, if you think it stinks you can cry it away

They dont want to hear your sad story today

Everybody's busy whoever they are

Washable ink, put it in the sink if you've had enough

But if you're on the brink of the usual stuff

Wait 'til it rains and give it away


Little girl, they just want to train you

To keep them amused, to keep them amused

They dont know, you got your match to the end of that fuse

Such a life, such a long vacation

A tourist parade, man its a tourist parade

Im going to sleep, wake me up when you've got it made