it hasn't happened yet


You said that I would be sorry if you went away

You said I wouldn't be happy without hell to pay

You said the teardrops would fall

Between the bedroom walls

You said that I would regret

Well It Hasn't Happened Yet


Your friends come over and offer to take me to eat

They all seem so sorry I'm sufferin' so much misery

They said to just give a call

Next time that I start to crawl

I always say yeah, you bet

But It Hasn't Happened Yet


I don't have anyone

I'm havin' fun

No one is into me

No one's a mystery

I see you on the street

My heart don't skip no beat

Lovers' hostility

Don't mean a thing to me


I find it hard to remember the good times we had

Call me insensitive now that it's over I'm glad

You said when big shadows fell

It would be too hard to tell

My light from your silhouette

Well it hasn't happened yet