Hiatt comes alive at Budokan?


1994, november 22, A&M

CD. 540 284 2

CAS. 540 284 4


Through your hands

4:14 30 seconds preview

Real fine love

4:59 30 seconds preview

Memphis in the meantime

4:38 30 seconds preview

Icy blue heart

5:42 30 seconds preview

Paper thin

4:29 30 seconds preview

Angel eyes

4:54 30 seconds preview

Your dad did

5:35 30 seconds preview

Have a little faith in me

4:17 30 seconds preview

Drive south

5:02 30 seconds preview

Thing called love

5:50 30 seconds preview

Perfectly good guitar

5:43 30 seconds preview

Feels like rain

6:21 30 seconds preview

Tennessee plates

4:06 30 seconds preview

Lipstick sunset

5:31 30 seconds preview

Slow turning

4:51 30 seconds preview

Total running time:



John Hiatt:





the guilty dogs

Michael Ward:

Lead Guitar

Background Vocals

Davey Faragher:


Background Vocals

Michael Urbano: Drums


Produced: Matt Wallace
Associate Produced: Michael Urbano
Mixed: Tony Phillips
Recorded: Jeffrey Scornavacca
Assistant Engineered:

Joe Pirrera

Liz Sroka

Mastered: John Golden
Sequencing and Editing:

Patricia Sullivan

Dave Collins


will botwin/side one

art direction: chuck beeson
photography: dennis keeley

chuck beeson

command A studios, inc.


thanks to
crew - kevin allison, robert bennett, larry chandler, dan cook, bill gabbard, bryan gazo, david green, paul harmon, mitchell keller, ross lahey, jeff leonardo, bob looney, frank mareno, john "iggy" oster, greg robble, mark rutledge, lamar sanford, luis sanudo, jeff scornavacca, jeff shaw, angus sutherland, warren termini, nine year wooldridge, d 'addario strings, DW drums, dunlop manufacturing, peavy electronics, rock-it cargo, sabian cymbals, samson technologies, skip's music, shure brothers, washburn guitars, will botwin & side one management, rob prinz & CAA, larry cherry & money management, chuck beardsley & GEM


  • All songs written by John Hiatt except "Tennessee Plates" written by John Hiatt and Mike Porter. "Angel eyes" written by John Hiatt and Fred Koller

  • Mixed at Scream Studios, Studio city, CA.

  • Mastered John Golden Mastering, Newbury park, CA.


February 26, 1994 at Schuba's, Chicago, Illinois (4)

March 8, 1994 at terrace Ballroom, Austin, Texas (13)

March 30, 1994 at Freemont Theater, San Luis Obispo, California (2)

May 16, 1994 at Von Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama (14)

May 18, 1994 at Stone Balloon, Newark, Delaware (10)

May 20, 1994 at State Theater, Portland, Maine (6, 15)

May 21, 1994 at State Theater, Portland, Maine (1)

May 25, 1994 at Strand Theater, Providence, Rhode Island (7)

May 27, 1994 atChance, Poughkeepsie, New York (8, 9)

May 28, 1994 at Toad's Place, New Heaven, Connecticut (11. 12)

May 30, 1994 at Red Mile Racetrack, Lexington, Kentucky (3, 5)

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John Hiatt's first live album was recorded during a 1994 winter-spring tour of the U.S. (the title is a joke) and finds the singer/songwriter backed by the Guilty Dogs, a guitar-bass-drums trio. He doesn't need any more ammunition than that, not when he's got a set of 15 songs drawn from his last four critically acclaimed albums, including "Thing Called Love" and "Tennessee Plates." Hiatt gives his songs a rougher treatment than some of those who have covered them, his throaty voice giving even love songs like "Angel Eyes" an unsentimental force. In the absence of an A&M best-of, Hiatt Comes Alive at Budokan? makes a good sampler of his work, 1987-1993.